Stonegate Nursing Center: Commitment to Quality

Stonegate Nursing Center: Commitment to Quality


Physical Therapy

The primary goal in Physical Therapy is to assist the patients in achieving their highest functional level of independence. Physical Therapy also helps in preventing further decline in the individual's ability to participate in activities of daily living.

The Physical Therapist works toward specified goals with the patient. Some of these goals may include increasing strength in the body and extremities of a person who has been seriously ill, improving motor control in a person who has had a stroke or improving balance and the ability to walk following a fractured leg.

The Physical Therapist also address pain reduction, teaches proper body mechanics to prevent injury and promotes safety awareness for the wellbeing of the individual.

Occupational Therapist

Your physician may order occupational therapy during your stay to evaluate and provide treatment for the skills needed for independent living. These areas include: grooming and hygiene, eating skills, homemaking, money management, upper body strengthening, fine motor coordination, thinking skills, visual perceptual abilities, and community reintegration. If needed, you will learn how to use prosthetic and/or adaptive equipment to assist you in work and leisure activities. Carefully prescribed and supervised activities will facilitate your return to your highest functional level.

Speech/Language Pathologist

A Speech/Language Pathologist may work with you if you have any type of communication problem as a result of your illness or accident. These may include problems with speaking, listening, thinking, reading, writing, problem solving, sequencing, and organizing your thoughts.

The Speech/Language Pathologist is also trained to evaluate and develop treatment plans in the area of cognitive retraining for persons having difficulty with attention, orientation, memory, problem solving, sequencing, time and money management, and other cognitive problems. If you are having difficulty chewing or swallowing foods and liquids, the Speech/Language Pathologist will evaluate and develop a dysphasia (swallowing) management program to improve or manage your swallowing skills.

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